Maravilla Daylily Garden – cultivation of Polish daylilies

Maravilla Daylily Garden seedbed deals with the cultivation of modern daylilies, following the trends of the world direction of daylilies cultivation in Polish climatic conditions. Maravilla Daylily Garden has the in-house genetic material necessary for further cultivation. The direction taken in growing is shaggy-toothed daylilies.

Daylilies varieties and already selected seedlings from the company’s own cultivation are presented and show visitors the possibilities of their own cultivation achievements.

Orders are accepted from 15 April to 30 October. 




We offer you seedlings of varieties bred at Maravilla Daylily Garden as well as by American growers.
Our offer includes only varieties registered in the American Hemerocallis Society database.
On our website, you will find pictures with the name of the variety and the price, and a broader description of the varieties can be found at:

Varieties from our own breeding

Varieties from other breeders

Selected seedlings